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Rick Thorns needs BMX

Rick Thorns is bmx royalty and he needs us. He took a bad fall and this time its pretty bad. Read the savage story below that he posted to his gram (this was stolen from his gram). ALSO hit the link at the end to donate or share ✊

“First off I just wanna say I love you @stevevandoren for takin’ care of me, your such an amazin’ person and I appreciate ya so much ❤️ So here’s the deal, I fell on a simple X-up on vert, I don’t know how the hell that happened but it did. I clipped back wheel, and went straight to the flat bottom. I got sideswiped. I got knocked out I knew that I hurt my ribs, I felt like I probably broke one and decided I wasn’t gonna go to the hospital because I’ve had a broken rib before and there’s really not much they can do for it. So I went out that night, for sushi and drinks till about 3:30 in the morning. Then I tried to go to bed, but couldn’t sleep that well, I couldn’t lay down so I had to sleep sitting up. My ribs killed so if I laid down I might not be able to get back up 😜 In the morning I tried to put on my shoes and I barely made it to the restroom. I was so outta breathe and had a loss of breath and no energy. Bottom line is I couldn’t breathe. So at about 3 PM after trying to get up over and over again, I got the strength to get an Uber to the @vanswarpedtour to try to get some medicine from the onsite medics for my plane ride home the next day. I could barely walk without losing my breath so @stevevandoren and @kevinlyman said you have to go to the hospital dude. I was like your right I can’t breathe. So I’ve been at the hospital for almost 24 hours and here’s the deal I broke seven ribs on my right side, fractured vertebrae in my lower back on the right side, I got knocked out during the slam and they drained 3 pints of blood from my lungs so far. I might have to have another surgery because there’s more blood in there. All the blood came out of my lungs. Most likely got punctured by a rib. I’m gonna be stuck here for three or four more days I hope they give me food soon… ⚡️STAY RAD⚡️ #rickthorne #stayrad #hospital #lunges #blood #slam”


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Familiarbrand: product of the hood – the most known unknowns

Filmed over the course of 3 months.
Featuring: Anthony boy Flores, Victor Zapien, Daniel Martinez, Adrian, Travor, Jeff cadger, Jeff wescott, Eddie Saucedo, dan dan, Mario f.b.k , Jesus, Andrew Lazaruk, Alfredo Mancuso, Freddy, Al, Andrew Cantaneda and RAUL RUIZ.Filmed and edited by Anthony BOY FloresMUSIC BY: duke dauce ” chosen “Song 2 = jack stauber ” buttercup “Song 3 = jstone ” the marathon continues”Fuck with us. www.familiarbrand.comInstagram: @familiarbrandThe movement moves on.Watch 1080p
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TCU: Anthony boy flores interview

Anthony”boy”flores interviewed by adam22. Alfredo mancuso is in attendance. And Nate Richter is behind the lens. Some of the crew is there as well like Raul Ruiz & Lil d, Al was there also. We drank beer and smoked bluts before filming this. We also partied at the bar right next door afterwords. This was filmed at the 5th and Los Angeles on some shit store location. Its now located on on Fairfax. Good that shit.