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Familiar brand: Anthony “BOY” Flores bike check

Anthony BOY flores bikes check πŸš²βœ” This is the first of many bike checks. We will be doing, one for eatch rider on the team. Check out our team above in the new drop down manu. Get FAMILIAR and check out each riders BIO now up.

Here’s the break down of Anthony’s bike part by part if the video wasn’t enough for you:


β€’ grips – cult sean recanys signature

β€’ bars – cult AK signature bars, 10″

β€’ stem – Odyssey boss top load

β€’ headset – odyssey tall

β€’ cult – sect ct forks

β€’ Frame – cult SOS

β€’ front wheel – hazard lite outter with a vandero pro hub with plastic hub guards on boths sides

β€’ rear wheel – hazard lite outter with a clutch v2 freecoaster hub with a 9t driver

β€’ tires – boths back and front, odyssey “aaron ross” signature tires

β€’ cranks – Odyssey calibur 3pce cranks

β€’ sprocket – odyssey bash sprocket

β€’ pedals – odyssey twisted pedals

β€’ seat – fiend ty morrow v1 signature seat

β€’ chain – odyssey

I think thats it. If i forgot anything or you need more specifics leave a comment and id love to fix that. Till need time