Luis Ortega memorial bmx jam/fundraiser

Luis Ortega (dan dans father) passed away a few weeks from covid 19 and as we all can imagine losing an immediate family memeber would be tough. So Alfredo Mancuso and Anthony boy Flores hosted this jam/fundraiser to hopefully help out the homie dan dan a little and his family during these trying times. We gave away about 19 shirts and about 4 hoodies + other sponsors gave hella product on this day for the cause. Bmx showed out to proved once again what a powerful positive force it is. Thank you homies! love.

All the sponsors consisted of: cult crew, familiar brand, the trip apparel, peep game ltd, odyssey bmx and the full factory, fiend bmx, You Fucking See It and oriols bike shop.

filmed and edited by Anthony boy Flores

rest easy Luis Ortega

Victor Zapien 2021

Victor Zapien everyone! A little less than a year ago Victor broke his leg in 3 places mid filming for this project. He’s now back on a bike ripping but not at a 100%. So instead of letting this footage rot in the vault. Here it is for your pleasure.

filmed by Fernando

F.B.K. 3

F.B.k. stand the Fuck up. This is a lovely master piece by the homies east of the 605. You’ll got down. I tilT my hat haha. For real tho. Salute homies. This was a dope feel throughout the entire video. Dope soundtrack too! I’d hear a weird song but at the end of the the track when it blends into the sound of a wheels cassette or into yet another word beat or song it somehow all works out. Dope video forsure. You’ll should be proud.