Victor Zapien: GOFUNDME

It hurts me inform you that our main mans Victor Zapien recently got broke off. Which resulted in him breaking his leg in 2 places and dislocating his ankle… Ouch. He’s now out of surgery with a metal plate in his leg along with a couple screws that need to later be removed in the next couple weeks. He’s currently on his way home release early probably because of the corona virus. bummer. As we all know rider to rider, being down is though. both emotionally and physically. Not to mention financially. Tough times for all of us i know, but ANYTHING helps. Fernando G. set up a gofundme for our boy. It would be greatly appreciated if you help out a fellow fallen rider. as always LOVE


cult crew: knock em DOWN

34 minutes plus of straight bmx dominance. These foos spent 28 days in arizona filming for this bad boy. originally planned to drop at this years swamp fest but unfortinuatly as we all know, covid-19 had other plans for us. so as we all hang back waiting for this bitch ass viris to die down. take a look at shit right here.

brought to you by CULTCREW.COM
filmed by Veesh

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