• Name: Carlos Camacho

• Nickname: Barlos

• Age: 20 years old

• Sponsors? Familiar 

• Where are you from? / where do you live currently?

Im from Downey CA and currently livin in the trenches of East Los Angeles CA.

• How long have you been riding?

I have been riding for about 5 years and many more years to come.

• How did you get into bmx? (Is there any person or particular reason you got into bmx)? 

My cousin Christian got me into bmx and he stopped riding, and has been working more.

• What is your all time favorite company in bmx after all these years?

 My favorite company would be Éclat and Fiend. 

• What are (3) of your favorite bmx websites that you visit most frequently?

1. Ridebmx

2. Thecomeup

3. Digbmx 

• What are (3) NON – bmx website’s that you visit most frequently?

1. Instagram 

2. Youtube 

3. Snapchat 

• Musically; what are you currently listening to?

Currently listening to some Xavier wulf and  Lil Skies, and Rich The Kid.

• How has BMX changed since you were a young lad cruising these streets?

Before it was only like one and two combos, and now its more techie. 

• just a wild guess; Where do you see BMX going in the future?

I see it getting more technical and intricate, its gonna progress way more by that i mean lines are gonna longer and harder tricks 

Spots are gonna get destroyed by that i mean people are gonna go for way more crazier maneuvers.

What direction would you like to see it go?

I feel like there would be more longer lines, with Bangers. 

Its been fun but this is the end..

My only friend, the end – The End (The Doors)

• Final words?

Always have fun on bike because god is great.

• special thanks?

Special thanks to my mother and the boys of belvedere.

And last but not least; 

“Pain is temporary but quitting is forever”

Anything you’d like to say to the peoples

taking the time to give this a read?

Aye shut out to all the people taking your time to read this. This is my first interview and hope you like it💯🚲💯.