• Name: Daniel Martinez

• Nickname: D

• Age: 30

• Sponsors? Volumebikes/familiarbrand

• Where are you from? / where do you live currently? I’m originally from San Diego then moved to east LA with my dad. Then we moved to the city Monterey Park and been there ever since.

• How long have you been riding?14 years and still counting

• How did you get into bmx? (Is there any person or particular reason you got into bmx)? My dad got me into bmx he use to cruise around with his homies back in the day and he knew how to bunny hop . He thought me how to ride a bike . When I was like 11 he got me this Dave Mirra bmx tips and tricks and that and my dad pretty much thought me how to hop.

• What is your all time favorite company in bmx after all these years? Volume. I feel like through out the years I’ve always thought they been repressing bmx in a good way!

• What are (3) of your favorite bmx websites that you visit most frequently? There’s only 2 digbmx and ride bmx .

• What are (3) NON – bmx website’s that you visit most frequently? Recently it’s been google to find out what certain things mean. Cargurus cause I’ve been trying to look for a new car. And  yelp to look places to eat!

• Musically; what are you currently listening to? I listen to mostly 90’S hip hop

• How has BMX changed since you were a young lad cruising these streets?it changed me a lot it made me more devoted and motivated! It made me appreciate a lot of the small things with lots of different people.

• just a wild guess; Where do you see BMX going in the future?i honestly don’t kno but I can never stop riding .


What direction would you like to see it go? Definitely in a more positive outlook.

Its been fun but this is the end..

• Final words? Thanks to all of those who has Shown me love! I got much love to show back!! New video dropping soon. 

• special thanks? Thanks to everyone who fucks with me. And has supported me through out the years

And last but least;

• Anything you’d like to say to the people taking the time to give this a read?

I appreciate anyone who reads this. Can’t thank everyone enough. Bmx has giving me lots of amazing memories . It still give me the most amazing feeling.