• Name: Daniel Yanez

• Nickname: Whips

• Age: 35

• Sponsors? Familiar / Wells Fargo Ha!

• Where are you from? / where do you live currently? Alhambra Ca / Lincoln Heights Ca  

• How long have you been riding?

17 years now….Give or take, But I’ve been on a bike since I was like 4.

• How did you get into bmx? (Is there any person or particular reason you got into bmx)?

My friend Ruben “Salas” would see me riding around all the time and one day he was out by the Boy’s and Girl’s club while I was leaving, I use to go play pool there a lot- he asked me if I could bunny hop? So I ended up jumping over one of the schoolyard benches and he was pretty hyped on it. It felt like a “Sand Lot” moment haha! He ended up introducing me to all the guys he rode with, that’s when I started talking to Juan “Cifunetes” A.K.A Columbia. I introduce him to my homie Tommy “Blanco” which at the time was the only person I knew that rode BMX. After that we would meet up pretty much every day and ride.

• What is your all-time favorite company in bmx after all these years?

Odyssey because it would have to be my first legit BMX part I owned, I bought some Hazard Lite wheel’s that weren’t really that lite “13 gauge spokes and tripe wall rims with 14mm axels”  

• What are (3) of your favorite bmx websites that you visit most frequently?

DIG/Ride Bmx/ The come up

• What are (3) NON – bmx website’s that you visit most frequently?

Amazon even tho I don’t buy anything haha! /Instagram / YouTube -I’m always looking up random D.I.Y stuff.

• Musically; what are you currently listening to? 

It varies but Gorillaz –Metallica- System Of A Down –WU Tang – O.D.B there’s too many to name really…

• How has BMX changed since you were a young lad cruising these streets?

Definitely the scene is way bigger!  I like how there’s more jams now a days and with social media being such a big part of everyone’s life just being able to link up with the homies is way easier even tho everyone still lags haha! also that spot sharing is a lot better too.

• Just a wild guess, Where do you see BMX going in the future?

I’m not sure honestly hopefully it’s somewhere fun!


What direction would you like to see it go?

Personally I hope that more girls get into riding cause my I have to daughters and they get really hyped on see girls ride. My little girl is more than my oldest I get super hyped when she learns anything on her bike! I can feel my passion for it being passed on to her.  

It’s been fun but this is the end..

• Final words?

If anything I wrote doesn’t make sense it’s cause I have dyslexia haha!

• special thanks?

I want to give thanks to ALL the Familiar homies that hit me up to ride even tho I ghost out on everyone all the time haha! Daddy duties mann! Also  Anthony “BOY” Flores for keeping the dream alive he’s the man!. Also anyone that keeps me riding and helps me with keeping my bike fresh you know who you are thank you so much!!! I wish I could name everyone but I’ve been blessed with so many great friends just a big thank you homies!!

And last but not least; 

Anything you’d like to say to the people taking the time to give this a read?

Art is not what you see but what you make other see – Edgar Degas