Name: Alfredo Llanes 

• Nickname: Fred

• Age: 34

• Sponsors?


• Where are you from? / where do you live currently?

 Born and raised in the North East side of LA. Still here in the Glassell Park community. 

• How long have you been riding? 

About 15 years somewhere around there.  

• How did you get into bmx? (Is there any person or particular reason you got into bmx)?

I watched my older brother and his homies jumping off old plywood ramps at the age of 5 and fell in love with it. We were kinda broke in a family of 7 so I couldn’t rock my own bike until I worked and bought my own shit when I was 15. From there I would cruise around and started noticing a little crew of riders. Older cats by the name of Shannon, Eric and Henry. They showed me the way and shortly after I ran into Raul and Danny who were my age and we became The Stoned Bikers established 2001.
• What is your all time favorite company in bmx after all these years?

• What are (3) of your favorite bmx websites that you visit most frequently?

Usually none. But when I do it’s Dig Bmx. I usually watch videos of my favorite riders by clicking the link in their bios…whatever site it’s on I watch.

• What are (3) NON – bmx website’s that you visit most frequently?

You Tube for the How-to’s

My banks website

• Musically; what are you currently listening to? 

I grew up listening to the LA underground and never really ventured off. I love east coast hip hop but LA has a lot of styles musically.

• How has BMX changed since you were a young lad cruising these streets?

It’s a huge change. Progression and style changed. But what I love is that there are some riders out there who go big with very little tricks and that makes me feel like I’m watching a video from back in the day. 

• just a wild guess; Where do you see BMX going in the future?

I see it getting bigger and bigger. More sponsors for young riders and opportunitiesfor them.


What direction would you like to see it go?

I want to see BMX outshining any other action sport. It should be huge there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be. It’s the best sport out there.

Its been fun but this is the end..

• Final words?


• special thanks?
I wanna thank my wife and daughter for making me a better person. Anf All my homies for inspiring every time we ride. 

And last but not least; 

Anything you’d like to say to the people taking the time to give this a read?

thanks for taking the time and support your homies in any way possible. Support our culture and protect it from the vultures. We all we got!