• Name: Jason Govan

• Nickname: Govan

• Age: 33

• Sponsors? Baconeggsbmx which is a crew based out of canada. Which is only a bridge/tunnel away from detroit. I got close to my boy zach aka spank. He let me know they was working on a dvd fast forward few years later its coming out this year. Go check out the bne 348 dvd it will not disappoint.

• Where are you from? / where do you live currently? Im originally from the northwest part of Detroit and im currently in detroit now

• How long have you been riding? 14 years or so

• How did you get into bmx? (Is there any person or particular reason you got into bmx)? I saw xgames on tv i thought it looked super cool to me. It was something different and i heard a few people by my high school rode so i gave it a shot.

• What is your all time favorite company in bmx after all these years? I don’t really have an all time fav campany but i do like bsd animal and Sunday seems like those parts last me the longest. Im not a tiny dude so i need my bike strong

• What are (3) of your favorite bmx websites that you visit most frequently?
Ridebmx.com digbmx.com and thecomeup.com

• What are (3) NON – bmx website’s that you visit most frequently? Worldstarhiphop.com mobilevids.org and youtube.com

• Musically; what are you currently listening to? Mostly rappers from detroit like snap dogg allstar jr allstar lee and fmb dz

• How has BMX changed since you were a young lad cruising these streets? Everything lol like i remember people will drop banger dvd parts now it seems like niggas insta clips is better than their video parts.

• just a wild guess; Where do you see BMX going in the future? Honestly its unclear


What direction would you like to see it go? 

To actually be treated like a real sport. Well the money side of things 

Its been fun but this is the end..

• Final words? Not everyone who smile in your face wanna see you win but as long as you got yourself its no stopping you.

• special thanks? Boy and familiar brand. All the bne crew wefoundyourspot crew and just all the real ass people out there

And last but not least; if you rock with me i rock with you period