Manuel Duarte interview – main filmer of the “we love LA” edit

Let’s start with the basics…

Name: Y’all can call me Manny!

Where were you born? Los Angeles California 🌴

Where do you live now? The same hood. Highland Park. 

What is the official title of this video? On my desk top computer I put it as Bmx mixtape .So I can keep my projects organized.

Who came up with that name and why that tittle? We do not really have a name for it. 

Where was this video filmed.. (What city’s?) The video was shot all over Los Angeles. Making this project made me realize wow! I’m filming stuff in LA making a movie with the homies. Thanks LA! 

How long did it take to film this entire video? Dude If you know filming & editing ooof took a minute. Clocking in those clips! Took almost a year. Working on that timeline is no joke!

Who ALL was involved in the filming of this project? So many people were involved in this video. Thanks to the riders first for shredding and putting in work! Thanks for letting me film and see some rad riding! Thanks to all of you, you know who you are!

I couple last things..

Who edited this video? Raul & I took team work for this one.

And probably one of the more important questions in my opinion 

Who chose the music? The music was a combination from Raul and my playlist. From oldies to goodies! We pick the music that we felt flowed best with the sections of each rider.

Are you filming for a new video? I would like to yes because we are always filming for something new. If going out riding with your friends. Having a good sesh, something is gonna get filmed. Rather it’s a trick or it can be a funny moment or just extra scene clips from the day what it gives you!

If not at the moment do you plan on filming more in the future? Hell yeah making videos is fun and creative! Let’s get those clips and make a movie!

Is this your first VX project  or have you made other VX videos in the past? It feels like it is my first VX video. Just the fact it is in a bigger platform on social media. I have other videos like camping adventures out in Sequoia & Yosemite National Parks, car shows filmed some cherry rides, and music gigs from different type of bands. I mostly make my videos for fun. 

If so where can people who enjoyed this video find other videos by you or featuring you? Man!   I know I am losing a lot because I am not on social media. I know trust I hear it all the time. But I had MySpace back in day I wasn’t feeling it. Going to school at Pasadena City College getting a major in Communication Arts and Humanities taught me a lot on having a profile etc. Just not feeling it. Just stay tune to the peeps I chill with I’ll be around. “Ride to live, live to ride”.

And finally, any last words or special thanks or Shout outs? First shout out to the man upstairs for this moment! Familiar BMX brand for uploading my video, and showing it to the BMX community! For anyone who took time to read this Q&A thanks for your time! Hope you got something out of it. Thanks Raul, Freddy, and Jaime. G Park riders! Libertad BMX! Also wanna give thanks to Ryan Navazio from StandPoint Productions Larry Alvarado those dudes were the first BMX filmmakers that showed me what is it to film BMX with your friends. Thanks to anyone who shreds and films! I can’t forget my crew Los Guys BMX! Thanks everyone! Be safe! 🎬📹

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