Raul Ruiz interview – co filmer of the we love LA edit

Name: Raul Ruiz

Where were you born? Los Angeles

Where do you live now? Los Angeles

What is the official title of the video? We didn’t really put one but can call it “better late then never” haha

Who came up with that name and why that tittle? Me just now haha and cause we took forever to make it 

Where was this video filmed.. (What city’s?) all in a 10 mile radius haha

How long did it take to film this entire video? Like 3-4 yrs

Who ALL was involved in the filming of this project? It was definitely a group effort from manny getting the vx2100, me filming and all the riders that where down to film shit. There’s a huge friends section but the main lil sections where Anthony boy Flores ,Freddy Llanes, Andrew Jackson and a few others so thanks to these dudes for making it happen.

I couple last things.. This was fun I wish we can do more and more but life gets in the way 

Who edited this video? Manny fresh was running the lab mostly and I’ll stop by and put in my two cents. Trimming,music, putting shit together etc.

And probably one of the more important questions in my opinion 

Who chose the music? Besides the intro I think I chose 90% of the music. Manny was more into the editing process and would ask me for songs all the time. That shit is kinda hard picking a song that fits the rider/ section 

Are you filming for a new video? No,not even close. VX is pickin up dust next to my bike 

If not at the moment do you plan on filming more in the future? Yea staying hopeful 

Is this your first VX project  or have you made other VX videos in the past? First one that I was heavily involved in yea. I would always be in front of the camera in other projects so it was sick filming the homies this time around 

If so where can people who enjoyed this video find other videos by you or featuring you? Familiar.com knuckleheads or youtubes 

And finally, any last words or special thanks or Shout outs? Yawp, familiar crew for always goin outta the way to post our shit, all the damn homies who where involved I love y’all. You guys made this shit fun all while making sick ass memories. 

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